Zebra Costume by Tom Arma Makes Your Costume Party Unforgettable

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Facing the dilemma of deciding what to wear and how to dress up your kid for Halloween or any upcoming costume party?

If you don’t want someone to show up wearing the same costume as your child, you should give him or her something unique yet interesting.

The Tom Arma Signature Collection™ Baby & Kiddy Zebra Costume is worth a try.

This is truly an amusing and attention-grabbing costume both for kids and for adults. Plus, you’ll be kind of like, ready for Safari adventures.

The kids and infant zebra costume by Tom Arma comes with amazing details so it’s no wonder it became an heirloom favorite.

Click here to select the Tom Arma Signature Zebra Costume

It is fully lined in white baby soft fabric so your kiddo will sure feel comfortable in it. This costume comes complete with a headpiece, bodysuit, and booties.

The character headpiece features a front Velcro closure, wooly mane in full black, and ears lined in grey. What makes it oh-so-attractive is the detailed special piping on the ears and around the face opening.

The character bodysuit has back snap closure plus attached tail featuring a wooly accent. It is made up of a black and white zebra stripe soft fabric so your baby won’t feel uneasy throughout the event.

The character booties, on the other hand, come striking with its grey fabric detail and special black and white piping.

They are finished with embroidery, which makes them eye-catching especially when worn by your little one while sitting on his or her stroller. To maintain the tiptop condition of the booties, you shouldn’t let your child wear them outdoors.

Since this is a Tom Arma Signature Collection™ Zebra Costume, you can be sure that it is made with exacting attention to details.

It also ensures Heirloom Quality so you can expect it to last for years without even looking like it’s been through several parties before.

Just follow the care instructions included in the pack to maintain its like-new looks and condition.

And do you know that Tom Arma cares for the environment too? Yes! In fact, the electricity consumed in making each Tom Arma costume is offset with 100% Green-e Certified Renewable Energy.

Besides the costume, there’s also a package insert that contains “Critter Facts” from the National Wildlife Federation.

This will make you learn and share some facts about Zebras as Threatened Species. Isn’t it so cool to be the center of attention in the party? So order a Tom Arma Signature Collection™ Zebra Costume today.

Click here to select the Tom Arma Signature Zebra Costume