Kids & Toddler Skunk Costume by Tom Arma

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Little Stinkers will Love the Skunk Kiddy & Baby Costume by Tom Arma

Who can resist the charm of sweet babies? No one, right? But we can’t deny the fact that no matter how dear they are, time comes when babies do become “little stinkers”.

So when selecting a costume for your infant or toddler, try to imagine how stinky he becomes sometimes and outfit him with a skunk costume!

With creative thinking, you can actually make a good costume for your little one but if you think you don’t have the time and patience, you better get online and look for a Baby & Kiddy Skunk Costume from Tom Arma signature collection.

You can take pride in allowing your kid to dress up in Tom Arma’s skunk costume.

Why? Because this is truly an icon in the costume world.

It is original and still the best among many other skunk costumes out there from other manufacturers. Its headpiece, booties, bodysuit, and tail are all elaborately designed to provide you with something adorable and of Heirloom quality.

Fully lined in black baby soft fleece, you can be sure that the Kids and Baby Skunk Costumes by Tom Arma will keep him warm and will be so easy for him to wear throughout the event.

And, by simply waggling or lifting his endearing tail, your kiddo won’t just turn out to be a real charmer; he can also shower the event with a dose of laughter.

The headpiece of this cute baby animal costume comes with front Velcro closure and adorned with ears that are lined in pink and trimmed with fantastic long white faux fur.

Much like other bodysuits in Tom Arma collection, this one also has a back snap closure. It is made from ultra soft midnight black faux fur with enchanting long white faux fur in the tummy area, plus a fastened wired skunk tail.

The character booties of this Skunk Costume have black claw details and pink paw pads with embroidery to complement the ears and to make them look more attention-grabbing.

If you want to preserve the perfect condition of the booties, let your child use them only indoors.

Just so you have something to answer to your friends when they ask you why you chose a skunk costume, the company included in the package insert “Critter Facts” from National Wildlife Federation which tells you some facts about skunks.

Tom Arma is recognized by Wall Street Journal as “The Armani of the Kiddy costume world”, so get your kid a Baby or Kids Skunk Costumes from Tom Arma now and make him excited for the upcoming Halloween or costume party.

Tom Arma Signature Collection™ – Skunk

Little stinkers everywhere love this playful costume! Tom Arma’s skunk is an icon in the costume world. The original and still the best, don’t settle for anything less, or you might get skunked.

Heirloom Quality Costume. Fully lined in black baby soft fleece.


• Character headpiece with front Velcro closure, ears lined in pink, trimmed with fanciful long white faux fur.

• Character bodysuit with back snap closure, super soft midnight black faux fur delightful long white faux fur tummy and attached wired skunk tail.

• Character booties with black claw details and pink paw pads with embroidery. To keep your booties in picture perfect condition, Tom recommends that booties should be used for indoor use only or on sitting little ones in strollers.

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More than just a costume, learn and share facts about Skunks with. “Critter Facts” provided by the National Wildlife Federation® on the package insert.

Care instructions: Hand wash cold, line dry, do not bleach. 100% Polyester

Sold for home use only. Not for commercial purpose. Costume details may vary from photograph.

Tom Arma Costumes, Inc., a family owned and operated company, maintains excellence in quality by only producing a limited number of costumes each year Worldwide. Once a style is sold out we cannot reorder more during the Halloween season. They do sell out quickly, order yours today!

Tom Arma Signature Collection Costumes are sold exclusively at

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Insert printed using recycled paper. Poly Bag is recyclable.

100% of the electricity used to make this Tom Arma costume is offset with 100% Green-e Certified Renewable Energy.

Tom Arma -“the most published baby photographer in the world”… NY Times

“The Armani of the Kiddy costume world” … Wall Street Journal.

** Toddler sizes are $10 more than the infant sizes.

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