Toddler & Kids Monarch Butterfly Costumes by Tom Arma

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signature collection monarch butterfly baby costumes

Parents always want the best for their kids, right? During parties and other events, we want our child to shine and be admired by many.

If there’s an upcoming costume party you need to go to, the best way to make your little one the darling of the crowd is to dress her up in a cute Tom Arma Signature Collection™ Kids Monarch Butterfly Baby Costumes.

Not only will you be able to make your sweetie the most talked about and most photographed kid in the party, you can also take pride in getting her a costume that graced the cover of Parents magazine.

That way, everyone will know that you’re willing to go the extra mile just to make your baby happy.

So what makes the Baby & Kiddy Deluxe Monarch Butterfly Costume by Tom Arma a cut above the rest?

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Well, the answer is its embroidered wings designed with meticulous attention to details to make it definitely eye-catching plus the bodysuit that’s made from baby soft fabric.

Included in Tom Arma Signature Baby Costumes Collection, this one is made up of a headpiece, a bodysuit, booties, and wings. Aside from that, you can also learn and share some facts about the Monarch Butterfly through the National Wildlife Federation’s “Critter Facts” that’s included in the package insert.

You sure will love the character headpiece included in this costume set. It has front Velcro closure and white ribbed face opening.

Making it attractive is its black antenna adorned by cute yellow pom-poms. The character bodysuit that’s crafted from fanciful black and white polka dot fabric is easy to wear because of its back snap closure.

The booties are made with the same fabric as the bodysuit, so your baby won’t find it heavy and uncomfortable. However, it is great for indoor use only or for those sitting on strollers all through the event.

The elaborately embroidered character wings, which serve as the costume’s highlights, can be fastened to the body through Velcro strips.

With its Heirloom Quality, you won’t regret getting a Tom Arma Monarch Butterfly costume. The company maintains this quality by making limited number of costumes per year.

That’s the reason why they sell out so quickly. So if you think you’ll be going to some costume parties in the coming months, you better get a Kids, Toddler & Infant Monarch Butterfly Costume by Tom Arma while supplies last.

Mind you, this adorable costume will make your little darling the talk of the town.

Click here for the Tom Arma Signature Monarch Butterfly Baby Costumes