Tom Arma Signature Baby & Kids Costumes Collection

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“The Armani of the kiddy costume world” – this is how the Wall Street Journal describes the signature kids & baby costumes collection of Tom Arma. His animal costume collection is one of the best in the costume industry today in terms of safety, durability and overall quality, and the costumes are well sought for use in kiddy parties and occasions like halloween celebration.

Tom Arma offers an exclusive selection of animal kids & baby costumes, each a product of high-quality materials and specialized crafting methods. Every costume is made from the finest garments, materials that are not only durable but also safe for baby’s delicate skin.

Each piece is equipped with a soft lining to ensure the comfort of your baby. The costumes are also crafted using recyclable materials and packaging, and employing renewable energy, in support of environmental awareness and conservation.

Click here to select from the Tom Arma Signature Baby Costumes Collection

Aside from the high quality of the Tom Arma costumes, all these are also top in cuteness. They are very adorable and are sure to bring out the best out of your babies. This edge in appeal can be attributed to the earlier successful career of Tom Arma in baby photography, which earned him the title as “the most published baby photographer in the world” according to NY Times.

Tom Arma has published several photograph collections and posters, majority of which are focused on animals in support of his animal protection campaign. In fact, his Mamiferos (Brazil) Collection has created a sensation in Brazil, and this earned him a following of millions.

This passion for baby photography, he was able to apply in the creation of each of his costumes.

Today, his collections range from Baby Bugs to Funny Farm costumes. His ever popular, Please Save the Animals costumes, is a top hit among parents searching for a lovable baby & kids costumes. Aside from animal-themed kiddy costumes, he also offers a Heavenly Kids Collection and a Zodiac Babies Collection, among others. These are all perfect for special children occasions, parties, as well as for baby pictorials.

Click here to select from the Tom Arma Signature Baby Costumes Collection